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Museology and its Theory

© Technické muzeum v Brně, 2022
Author © Jan Dolák

ISBN 978-80-7685-009-5 (e-book pdf)
ISBN 978-80-7685-007-1 (print)

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(PDF, 225 pages)






Museology as an university discipline has been developed for sixty years but besides its indubitable quantitative advance, a partial theoretical loosening may be observed. It is therefore necessary to explore where it got with its methods, methodology, and its theoretical foundation. Both older and more recent streams of museological thinking have been subjected to critical analysis, considered in the light of current philosophy, sociology, and culturology, questions of heritage and memory have been discussed.

The museum item has been presented as an object and a fact in philosophical sense of the word, museum collection has been considered a structure, a special chapter has been dedicated to museum communication. Summarizing results and new methodological and terminological outputs have been achieved by means of comparing the approaches to museology on all the continents. The final part of the text is dedicated to blending of museology and practice, recommendations of further possible directions of theoretical research and to the future of museology as a scientific discipline.


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