Technical Playroom


Technical Playroom

The Technical Playroom is not an ordinary display. It is a room where you can learn about various laws of physics and their technical applications in an interesting way.  The main emphasis is put on visitors’ interactive activities with physical, or technical experiments. It means that they can manipulate and freely interact with the experimental models and observe their final reaction. This is the reason why the Technical playroom differs from ordinary museum displays with “Do not touch exhibits” signs forbidding people to have closer contact with exhibits. The main principle of the playroom is: touch – try – observe – learn.

There is a wide range of experiments and practical models from the fields of mechanics of solid figures, gases and liquids, optics, electricity and magnetism. Experimental departments are not permanent. Most of the devices are routinely replaced and the display is supplemented with new experiments. There are written instructions and an explanation of a physical phenomenon for each experiment.




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