Visitor rules

Dear Visitors,
It is not allowed to enter the exhibitions with backpacks or large luggage and bags, with bare umbrellas, food or drinks. Please leave bags, backpacks and umbrellas in the cloakroom. This is a precaution to ensure the safety of visitors and to protect TMB’s historic collections from damage. You will not be allowed into the museum area with the listed items.
Thank you for your understanding.

Any acts resulting in the damage of exhibition objects, exhibits, devices of building and exhibitions, that endanger the security and health of people, or bother visitors are forbidden.

In TMB it is primarily forbidden to:

  • enter exhibitions with dogs (except from guide dogs) and other animals, with larger pieces of luggage and objects that can cause complications in exhibitions
  • enter exhibitions with food and drinks
  • enter premises not intended for visitors
  • touch non-interactive or non-haptic displayed collection objects, exhibits and devices of exhibitions: pedestals, showcases, legends, cabinet switches of electrical distributions, fire extinguishers etc.
  • disturb guide’s presentation and other visitors with loud speech, using radio receivers, players, mobile phones etc.
  • litter, disturb the silence and order in any other way

It is strictly forbidden to smoke or have open fire on the premises.

Children younger than 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Visitors can enter TMB with prams however there is a maximum number of 10 prams allowed in the exhibition premises and a maximum number of 3 prams allowed in the Technical Playroom.

You may take photographs and videos (without tripod, additional sources of light etc.) in TMB for personal use. Commercial use of photographs or videos taken in TMB without permission is forbidden. Permission for commercial use may be obtained upon request and payment of a fee.

Closing hours will be announced via loud speaker. All visitors remaining are expected to leave TMB before the closing time.

Visitors are required to follow all instructions of TMB personnel at all times; these instructions are issued in order to ensure security of visitors, security of the premises, its devices and exhibits against damage or theft. Visitors will be ordered to leave the premises for any violation of the rules without a refund of the ticket.

A visitor who has caused damage in TMB will be required to reimburse TMB for the damage according to the rules.



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