A Lane of Crafts
Workrooms of Craftsmen, a General Store and a Pub in Interwar Brno Atmosphere


A Lane of Crafts

Manufacture production and eventually large-scale factory operations nearly replaced the production of the fine craftsmen who supplied our predecessors with utility goods – ranging from clothes and shoes to household equipment and various machines and tools. The craftsmen workrooms, elaborated technology, and the proficiency of producers from rural areas are commemorated by displays of museums in nature.

The Technical Museum in Brno makes an effort to pay tribute to the craftsmen who had worked in cities and towns and it demonstrates a municipal setting of the 20s and 30s of the last century. The lane display consists of the workrooms of a clockmaker, a bookbinder, a locksmith, a tailor, a shoemaker and a barber. In order for you to feel and experience the atmosphere of interwar Brno, the display also contains a general shop with a coffee roasting room, a dentist’s office, a pub, an installation of a part of a gallery building and a flat.




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