Historical Vehicles Depository


The Technical Museum in Brno manages a collection of historical vehicles. These historical vehicles can be seen three times a year – at the Parade of Automobiles held in the spring at the TMB depositary in Brno-Řečkovice, at the annual Brno Museum Night and at the Brno – The City In The Centre of Europe Festival where demonstration rides are arranged.

Only organized groups, with a minimum number of 15 people, can visit the historical vehicles depository in Brno-Líšeň (Holzova street 4). It is open only from May to June and from September to October from Tuesday to Friday. A visit to the depository has to be scheduled with reception desk at the main museum building at least 14 days in advance: tel. +420 541 421 463 or e-mail info@technicalmuseum.cz.


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Technical Museum in Brno

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Email: info@technicalmuseum.cz
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